• Global Consulting Specialists

    We support our clients to deliver superior performance through sustainable and lasting change.

  • Adapt to your market needs

  • Managing Complex Change

    Bringing order to your business
    We are experts in managing organisation-wide programmes of change.

  • On the market for close to three decades

    We’ve forged our success as a Global Consulting Group

  • Organisational Effectiveness

    We can help you to strip out unnecessary costs and become more competitive.

  • Strategy Implementation

    Formulate your business strategy
    Find out more about how we can help you achieve your strategic goals.

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Outstanding execution at every level of your organisation

For close to three decades, we've forged our success as a global consulting group by helping large complex organisations to refine and implement their change strategies.

This means that our global team of experienced business and consulting professionals are more than strategists and advisers. They are also hands-on operators, who get closely involved with the mechanics of our clients’ organisations. 

That’s how we ensure that all systems and processes are in full alignment to realise opportunities and solve problems. And with resources and expertise sited across the world, we’re ideally structured to meet the challenges facing even the largest and most distributed global organisations. 


Over the years, Vector Consultants has provided solutions to over 100 organisations.
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Our values are the backbone to our organisation. Integrating these values into our working practice enables us to perform to the best of our abilities and, therefore, ensures that our clients perform to the best of theirs.

We do not charge our clients more if conversations go over time, or if there is extended face value. Time is often perceived as money, but we believe that important words should not be left unsaid, no matter how long it takes. One of our key values is that we are always generous with our time. We enjoy building relationships and take pleasure in spending time with our clients, and we ensure that in every face-to-face encounter, regardless of how brief, we leave something behind.
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